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Default Prescription goggles/mask for open water?

Fellow myopiates,

I've spent hours trying to find good goggles/mask for swimming. Both eyes require high astigmatic correction, so it is tough to find a solution. The cheap corrective "step diopter" goggles are too far from the correction I need, and I'm willing to pay for a good mask or pair of goggles. I've never used contacts and I'm concerned about health risks in pool and lake water.

My immediate goal is to be able to see the lap clock at the pool. I also want to be able to see the overhead flags so I can start working on backstroke. Ultimately I'd like to start doing some open water swimming and snorkeling.

In videos I see triathletes using what seem to be a lightweight mask, but haven't found on-line sites that sell masks that like these (e.g. Seal) with a prescription lens option. (Related question.... If I can find such a mask, what is the benefit a nose pocket like the Aqua Sphere Sphera.)

A diving mask seems to have too much weight and drag for efficient swimming.

Thanks for advice!

(For you optical experts: OD: sph -7.75, cyl +2.50, axis 162 deg, OS: sph -7.00, cyl +2.25, axis 22 deg, ADD +2.25, PD distance 69mm)
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