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Default Why Phelps will unretire.


Here we are again in 2016. And the blog was written in 2012. But he did unretire. Terry's point is valid within the contex of why Phelps should retire.

However it is based on a very ubiquitous presumption: People assume that those who make sacrifices are resentful for doing so or yearn to resume a normal life. Normal lives are for normal people.

It is usually athletes who really retire. When we delve into the other walks of life: vhess, music, etc. you must ask why the performers there go on and on. Athletes don't retire, their bodies do.

Yes they may whine and complain like Michael Jackson did about his lost childhood. But deep inside they love the bounty and the payoff!

Ultimately, it depends on the individual. They are born to do this. Born to make these sacrifices.

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