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Thanks for your extensive and thoughtful reply. I had thought of myself as "good" swimmer I wanted to know how other "good" (or somewhat "better") swimmers breath and stroke. I now grasp your point that this question makes little sense because there is such a range of abilities, body types and fitness levels. (If you're sustaining <1/sec and breathing every 4 strokes (and I assume a reasonably low SPL), my hat off to you! I'd love to see the video.) I had fallen into the all too common mistake of assuming that I'm average or somewhat above average. Based on your advice, I'll simply try to keep pushing myself to achieve the stroke rate and breathing style I've set as a goal.

I also appreciate the link to the Sun Yang video. Excellent commentary. (The video, however, is not an example of a fast TI stroke since Sun Yang does not employ the patient hand/glide element that I consider essential to TI. Again, I encourage you to post an underwater video since visual modelling can be both inspirational and a highly effective means of learning.)

Finally, sorry about getting Shinji's tempo wrong. Math error plus lack of reality check!
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