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Originally Posted by dzhou01 View Post
As Alex-SG said, you just have to learn to get your recovery arm forward faster. I will try that in the pool today. I thought stronger/more powerful arms will help you move your arms faster in water in the pull period. Maybe my arms will get naturally stronger by swimming more?
Hi: 18 years ago I had to give up running because of knee problems. Took up swimming and although I could run marathons I could not swim more than one length (25m) without stopping because of breath issues. My legs were in great shape but my upper body was trash. After swimming for about a year my collar size increased by 1/2inch and as I joked with my wife the garbage got a lot lighter. I did no gym work, it was just that swimming built a better balanced body re strength/fitness. Am sure you will find the same.
May we swim with ease at the speeds we choose.
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