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Originally Posted by westyswoods View Post
I will suggest that you do not get too caught up in a correlation of arm strength and stroke rate. What you describe is not at all uncommon if you have been practicing and drilling TI and feel a comfort zone at 1.5 so be it.

Swim Silent and Be Well
Agree with Westy. Ability to stroke faster has nothing to do (in my opinion) with arm strength. As Cathy suggested in an earler post, you just have to learn to get the recovery arm forward faster. You should not have any pause after your pull.

Comfort Zone: Based on what I read in the FORUM do not settle on anything slower than SR=1.5 (even SR=1.4, which is Shinji's slow pace). Unless your are specifically working on balance. Slow Stroke rate means loss of momentume (come to a stop, accelerate again, come to a stop....)
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