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Default Stroke Rate

Not knowing your physical status it is difficult to suggest any weight training regime.

I will suggest that you do not get too caught up in a correlation of arm strength and stroke rate. What you describe is not at all uncommon if you have been practicing and drilling TI and feel a comfort zone at 1.5 so be it.

I fall into that same category. The main problem is not muscle it is how our neuro circuits are wired. It takes time to unwind that slow tempo and can only be done through a concerted and consistent attempt to reprogram our muscle memory. I was at 1.5 and constantly told many things would fall in place if I picked up the pace.

Recently, a month now, I found a Tempo Trainer I can use and have been working diligently on moving down the scale. At first everything felt so hurried and like nothing was what it should be. I was told this would happen by Coach Dave and needed to keep at it and work through that awkward feeling.

I am happy to say that 1.5 now seems slow and 1.3 is where my comfort zone is. I am even doing some 1.1 -25's. Doing the math a .2 drop equates to between 6 and 8 seconds per lap at a SPL of 16 to 20.

In closing I urge you to set a routine with a TT and expect that hurried out of sync feeling until the body catches up with the mind (TT)

It is always fun to watch others some good, some bad we learn much from them. One of the most valuable things I learn is their swimming style is not for me and I accept it.

Swim Silent and Be Well

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