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Default increase stroke rate

Recently I started using tempo trainer as recommended by Terry. In one post, he recommended that we start from 1.0, then 1.1,1.2,1.3,1.4,1.5,1.6 and then 1.55,1.50 etc. I found I could not swim at tempo below 1.3- could not keep up with the beeps. Between 1.3 and 1.5, my form was not good and I feel rushed and exhausted. Only at tempo >1.5, I start to feel comfortable, feeling I am swimming TI. By secretly timing fellow swimmers at the pool, I am among the slowest. I am not athletic at all. Do you think if I need strength training such as weight lifting to increase my arms' strength? I feel my arms can't move fast enough in water.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you!

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