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Default I testify: little stamina needed

Today, I completed 1000 yards nonstop. Three months ago, I could not swim several yards. I sit all day at my work as a data analyst. I do not run or bike because I don't have much stamina. How will I? I am sedantary, busy with work and two young children. The Self Coach DVD teaches me how to swim effortlessly.

The key is balance. Because of my lifetime bad posture, my spine tilts to the right. When I do SG, I tend to overturn. I spent hours and hours on skating position with breathing, trying to achieve the same sensation on both sides. I concentrate on feeling how my body rolls from side to side with each kick. So the sequence is: kick right foot, roll to the left side, breathe to the right; kick left foot, roll to the right side, breathe to the left. This exercise helps me to feel how gravity help my body roll and feel the coordination among kicking,rolling and breathing. And breathing becomes very natual, I feel I can breathe whenever I want on either side.

I think I am at the green belt level that Terry talked about. Next, I am going to buy tempo trainer. At the height of 5'5, I feel my SPL is too high (22 for 25-yard length). so need to work on balance more. Sensation is still not the same on both sides.

Our company offers free blood test every year. This year's results were just out, and I found my numbers all better than last year. My colleagues were amazed since their numbers got worse (high LDL, triglycerides,blood pressure etc). I shared with them my swimming story and they all asked to borrow my DVD. Now one of them has my DVD and told me she liked it very much.

TI swimming changed my life. I just wanted to thank Terry and everyone here for your inspiration.

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