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Originally Posted by robedon View Post
I've finally advanced to swimming 1000 yards without stopping. It prompted me to wonder if my time on this distance is good or not. I did it in 18:37.
Keep in mind that TI stresses relaxation and sustainability. Speeds and focus of folks here vary widely. Some are beginners, others accomplished triathletes.
For comparative purposes...

Masters Level 1: Masters level 1 is for swimmers who swim one mile in over 35 minutes.
Masters Level 2: Masters Level 2 swimmers can swim one mile under 35 minutes and over 25 minutes.
Masters Level 3: Masters Level 3 swimmers can swim one mile in 24 minutes or less.
Michael Phelps swims a mile in under 17 minutes. ^_^

If I tallied it correctly your time per lap is 53/54 seconds. That would be about a 32-minute mile.

U.S. Masters Swimming welcomes swimmers of all abilities who want to improve their overall fitness, develop better technique, or train for any type of swimming competition - or who just enjoy the social interaction and workout.
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