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Lennart and Roates,

I think what Terry tried to say is if you get balanced and streamlined, you will not be slow. If you find yourself still slow in your age/sex group, you have to work on balance and streamline more, they are not good enough yet. So focus on SPL, instead of speed, since SPL reflects how balanced and streamlined you are. And then increase stroke rate if you want to go faster. You may find people swim faster than you, but ask yourself:
1. Are they younger/taller?
2. Are they swimming as effortless as you, in other words, if swimming for longer distance, will they still be faster than you?

Terry also said that to increase speed by 5%, the drag increases by 25%. So you need to increase your power by at least 25% to overcome the drag. Do you have that 25% more power? If you do, take it out, and you will be 5% faster. If not, you'd better work on balance/streamline to reduce drag. There are people out there who are 50% or 100% more powerful than you, so if they have the same drag as you, it is no surprise they are faster. If you can reduce drag, you will be as fast as them with less power.

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