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[quote=LennartLarsson;18487]Hi Terry,
Sometimes I don't get your theories. If you and I race in Masters Class 60-64, which we will later this year, the one of us hitting the finish first is the one swimming at the fastest speed, isn't it? I agree that their is a difference between individuals, making a 100 meter free in 1.20 more impressive for the 55 year old shorty versus the 25 year old tall guy. Bit still they are both swimming at 1,20. When we compare speed, we compare how fast we swim a certain distance, don't we?

I'm with you Lennart, I don't get the theories either.
Feel there's a bit of sitting on the fence here.
We all know we are different shapes and sizes but a bit of a suggestion/speculation, based on sex,age,experience,shape,weight might be a useful approximate benchmark.
I know I'm never at my age coming to swimming late in life be as fast as you Terry with a whole life spent in the water. But I like something to aim for.

I'm with Thatchman too
'I do not have a desire to be fast but I do not want to be slow'
I just want to be efficient and not always last.

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