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Default speed and energy problems

There is an optimal pace that differs from individual to individual, I believe that it cannot be defined by any math formula and it is up to us to find our personal 'optimal' pace through practice.
I had to take 2 weeks off due to business travels and when I came back to my daily TI swim practice I found myself struggling to get back to my normal pace. During that process I realized that speed had a direct negative impact on my stroke precision, there is an optimal pace in which I feel like I am gliding effortlessly in the water, it is not too slow nor too fast it just feels RIGHT! if I increase my speed even by a bit I start making mistakes, and if I slow down I need to apply more effort to stay balanced. This begs the question: should we squew our stroke and catch/recovery based on our speed in a conscious manner or should it just adjust naturally through sensory information and instinct?
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