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Default What speed would be regarded as average or slow

Hi Guys

My swimming has come a long way in the last 9 months to the point that I have endurance for long swims and am at a comfortable point ahead of my first Ironman on 10 April.

I feel balanced and streamlined in the water (will find out at my first weekend TI workshop this weekend).

It seems that most people are faster than me though.

Yesterday I did a swim session that included 8 x 200m sets. I swam these at an easy pace. I do not know what my tempo was and averaged about 24 SPL.

My time started out at 4min35 for the first 200 and the slowest was 4min50.

So my question is whether this is regarded as average, slow or very slow?

I am hoping that this weekend will reveal areas of opportunity for me to improve efficiency and technique which should help to make me faster.

I do not have a desire to be fast but I do not want to be slow.

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