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Default More Propulsion

Thanks To All,

I have posted video taken last evening. As usual reality does not match the feeling.

Some of my thoughts. One of my problem areas is definitely left side breathing and maintaining balance. I have known by feel that the left arm recovery is not as clean and efficient as the right. Oh my I sure did not know it looked like the Loch Ness Monster over rotation driving body down and inhibiting good intake of air on left side. Finger nail drags are in order again and again.

It appears as I may be over rotating especially on breath cycles.

Lead hands do appear to be patient although my spearing may be too low.

Attempts at quieting legs have improved but still need to settle high side leg with two beat kick.

Enough for me any and all feedback will be greatly appreciated.

This video is posted as a learning tool for all and hope we strive for constant improvement.

In closing does anyone have suggestions for sites to post video as I am not exactly thrilled with Mobile Me?

Swim Silent and Be Well

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