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Hi Spider and Westy,

It is interesting that your stroke count went up with the introduction of the two beat kick, as this confirms you have more work to do on your balance and profile, to reduce it again. Getting your stroke count consistent, and lower than the benchmark figure of 20 strokes per 25m length will show you have increased efficiency and your speed should start to increase.
To increase power, you really need to study the relationship between the hip drive and your catch. The stronger your catch, the more power you can apply against it, and so you will travel further for each stroke.
I do a drill where I start one lap with say my right arm taking the first full stroke, and then leave the arm extended, then recover the left arm using the underswitch technique, with concentrated study on the right arm catch, and then right arm recovery again. Focusing on catch and recovery with one arm for a whole lap. Then, change arms, and focus again on catch and recovery. After a few laps you will notice a difference in feel during the catch phase. Perhaps your right arm will feel much more positive than your left (as in my case), and you can then isolate the weakness and focus on improving the feel on that side. When you get that feeling of improved grip on your weak side, try a few laps of whole stroke, and feel the difference.

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