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Default Discovering how fit I actually am

(Sorry if this the wrong forum for this. I could not find a "general" forum, or anything for TI stories. In my defense, as I am referring to the Total Immersion book, I thought this forum made sense.)

This morning, I did Yoga for first time (ever). After class, I spent a good 5 minutes trying to get the instructor to believe that I had only been working out (and swimming at that) for seven weeks.

Eights weeks ago, I ran up three flights of stairs and nearly passed out from the blood pressure change because I was so out of shape. After struggling for a week to swim, I picked up Total Immersion from my bookcase where it has collected dust for a while. As you would expect, love at first read, and amazingly I have consistently gotten up at 6am 5 days a week for the next seven weeks.

Now in the book, Terry says that "fitness happens" as you swim TI. In my mind, there was always an hidden word "eventually", because lets face it, I swim 1-2 hours and my arms are not very tired. I am not sore the next day. I barely feel like I do anything at all except leisurely gliding up and down the pool. How much fitness could I really be getting? I figured it was a bit of an exaggeration.

I decided to start Yoga to get a workout. I cannot express how shocked I was that I was able to keep up in the class. Since this morning, I have discovered that I can run up and down the same three flights of stairs many times and fully recover in a few quick breaths. Still I remain shocked that instead of being a little more fit, which I would expect, I am actually much more and can do stuff that I have not been able to do in several years.

If others find that results vary, please allow me to provide two important facts: first, I am 30 years old and second, I did karate for 6 years about 8 years ago (1994-2000).

(and yes I did recommend Total Immersion to the instructor.)
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