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Hello sonatul,

think there is not a special trick, more like being "familar" with the water. It's very individual. One of my students has no problems with, but when using a swimmer's snorkel he does need a noseclip to handle it. Strange but fact.

If there is something like a trick, I think the miracle is relaxation. Let the air go out smoooooothly, relax your face. It should be a feeling as showing an especially stupid facial. (Will be a great help for your stroke also.)

1) Normally during my initial period of swimming session, I tend to blow bubbles in single "Whoop", rather than contineous stream.
Doing it some thousand times, you'll not need first "whoopp-blow-outs" any more and can start with continuously, steady soft stream integated in your whole stroke movement. In the very last moment, just when mouth is clearing surface there should be a short "whoop" to help fast and relaxed inhale...

Enjoy the experiments!

Best regards,
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