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Originally Posted by gogglesnoseplugs View Post
Just to let you know, I just registered to be a TI member last night, so I have not read any books yet. Even though I have financial strains, once I get my hands on the book, I'll give the suggestion a try.

The one thing that frustrates me most is that I understand "how" to swim, but do not "know" how to swim right. I watch others swim so gracefully and here I am in the pool struggling to swim just one length, hoping I am not freaking out the lifeguard.
Good news and bad news. Dealing with frustration is a part of swimming, at least at first. Throw a cat into the water and watch it's reaction during and after it goes for a "swim." If the cat can manage those feelings, it might become a graceful swimmer as well, though it will still take a long time to dry.

I think Terry is referring to his post of Chapter 3 located at That book hasn't been completed yet.

You can also get the free PDF that goes with the Easy Freestyle DVD here:
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