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Hi all thanks for your replies
??? How are the pool-times of the other members of your OW-Group?
That is a very good point I will question them on that.

Ha, as nearly silver-surfer, my haircutter had to know something about circular computation :-)
That is very good and I will use that next time I'm at the open mike night.

Oh no, three to four FPs should be far enough! Changing singles every two laps, then two combined in change then three....
What is an FP?

I spend the Australian summer in Tasmania but now I return to my home in Brisbane.
Those 5km an hour people are just showing off.
I have swum in a lot of places in Italy (just solo) I have even swum at Fiumicino a couple of times. (Lido di Ostia)
Not exactly a pristine aquatic environment.

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