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Originally Posted by wmeg View Post
It is great that there is still some people left to reply on this forum.
Salvo do you do much OW swimming where you are ( I presume you are Italian)

Thanks Warren
Hi Warren, yes, sadly it seems the golden days of swim forums are past, a few years ago the community of active forum members was definitely bigger and vibrant. I've been a lurker for quite some time, partly I regret it

Yes, I'm italian and actually swim ow only in summer. OW swimming is not much popular where I live, I hardly ever find other swimmers "training" in ow when I go. But those few ow events they organize in summer are full of super fast pool swimmers who are fast in ow as well (despite not swimming in ow): people who swim 5k in 1h something.

Where do you live instead, to have your ow season closing in 2 weeks? I love ow swimming but for training and improving as a swimmer nothing beats the pool imho.

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