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Hi there, Livesinflipflop

As a lifetime breaststroker (since about 1947) relatively recently (2006) converted to the joys of font crawl, back crawl and even an imperfect form of butterfly thanks almost entirely to TI and in particular the famous book Total Immersion, I can recommend the drill in which you try to swim a length of the pool in as few strokes as possible. If your experience is anything like mine, and by the sound of things it will be, the slower you travel forward the more unstable you will feel and the more likely you will be to roll to one side or the other. Superman glide is a very good drill to counteract this, paying strict attention to head position and guarding against any tension in the back of the neck. I also find that breaststroke arms with dolphin kick and breaststroke arms with flutter kick are good drills, the second of these being quite an aerobic workout - for me anyway
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