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Several ideas:

1) it could be that your stroke is inefficient, perhaps due to extra drag from improper posture in the water (dropping legs, for example). And perhaps you are compensating by stronger arm strokes or a scissors kick. This can surely lead to early tiring and the need for more air. Without a video of your stroke we can only speculate.

2) Perhaps you are over-rotating causing your body to sink and therefore not able to reach air for a sufficient inhale. Or your arms are not on 'parallel' tracks with your body and are crossing over making you off-balance.

3) Perhaps you are not exhaling completely underwater between strokes and therefore don't have enough room for fresh air -- and holding in too much CO2.

4) Kick is too agressive, or perhaps bending at the knees too much creating more drag..

5) Bending at the waist during the stroke, and not presenting a hydrodynamic 'fishlike' presentation in the water, creating too much drag.

....there could be any number of reasons, and again, without a video of your stroke it would be really hard to speculate.

At this point I don't think your snorkel is helping you at all. Everything changes when you have to breathe correctly in Freestyle (vs snorkel). So you will have to relearn balance, timing, technique, etc. I'm a newbie swimmer and breathing took me a little under two years to get comfortable, after pretty much figuring the strokes. (!).

'....have to breathe agin in 2 strokes now I am totally out of breath...'

I am not understanding this statement. Are you saying you are out of breath after 2 strokes? So, are you breathe every other stroke or every third stroke?

Sounds like a balance/technique issue to me. Swimming is SO technique-oriented. Try breathing more frequently, while working on balance. Once proper balance is achieved, try TI's approach to breathing...nod, etc. But always go back to the basics of balance.

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