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So i took the Finis Freestyle unit to the pool this time. Initial result was surprising, i did a full lenght (25 meters ) even with breathing through the unit, i was still kinda winded!! i was like WTF, how can i be winded even if i am breathing. I noticed my legs felt heavy/stressed.

A older gentleman was in the lane next to me, and i explained to him my troubles, so he had me do a few strokes, (without the finis) and here is what he noticed..

A. My Legs were WAY to far down.....
B. My arms/stroke was off a bit. I wasnt "reaching" enough, and my catch alignnment was "off"
C. He suggested "pushing chest down" to elevate hips ( clearly i thought i was in past, but may have forgetten to "Stick with it"

After that, i "really" tried to reach forward, and WOW, i went about 15 meters further than usual ( now bear in mind, i wasnt thinking about breathing at this point) very focused on reach. He also noticed i wasnt "rolling" properly , and that could be creating drag.

Of course by the time this all happened i was pretty beat, but here is my plan for tomorrow. Let me know if this sounds good....

1. Use the reach to really start disciplining my body roll (treat like a canoe instead of a barge)
2. Consciensly push my chest down thus causing my legs to be higher. I really could feel the drag with the Finis....i thought it might be oxygen related but it could really feel "tiredness" in my legs after 1 lap...does that make sense?

Any tips on how to "time" the stroke with my exhale. I tried a bit today, but maybe too dum dum to figure out .... "3rd stroke, finish breath...etc.." Should i just try every right arm stroke? seems like a lot for me.. ( by alot meaning,..ill be breathing like a Lamas class)

Any advice? concerns?
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