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Originally Posted by jboosted92 View Post
1. When i exhale in teh water, blowing out through my mouth, if i slowly blow out, i literrally probably have 6-7 strokes. cant be good
It sounds like you're deciding when to breathe based on when you finish exhaling. Most of us do it the other way around. If, for example, I decide to breathe every 3rd stroke, I time my rate of exhalation so that I finish emptying my lungs just as I complete my 3rd stroke.

2. Article after article, "breath out with your face in the water, until you turn your head and ready for air. Well, the moment you blow out "completely" your head better be turned for air , otherwise you either are
a. Holding your breath until your mouth surfaces...not good
b. sucking down water ...not good

maybe im not reading that direction right
Again, it's a matter of timing your rate of exhalation based on how frequently you want to breathe.

3. mentally when i turn my head most times, im then "lifting" before placing back down, and thus halting my momentum...
What is causing you to lift your head?

4. Out of breath....even when i get a good breath, by the time the next stroke comes, i feel out of braeth/tense....
Do you mean when the next stroke comes, or when you've finished the next 6-7 strokes? It sounds like you're exhaling too slowly and consequently not breathing as often as you need to.

i may be going to fast, but i feel like if im going slow, i sink.....
Going too fast isn't usually something swimmers consider to be a problem. They just go to the Olympics and win gold medals. ;-) Do you mean that you think you may be stroking too fast?

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