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Default Drills and breathing...

Thanks to all who provided advice for me, especially Terry for the time taken to advise me on my TI problems.

Today, my enthusiasm came flooding back ! I started the session with SG and SF, then onto Skating position. This I felt, gave me a reminder of what my balance should be – which I felt was much better while practicing the whole stroke.

One thing that I have noticed since my last post – and this is something with my breathing which is undermining my drill practice – I “swallow” while breathing underwater. Obviously my mouth is closed so I dot swallow the water, but I do swallow after taking in air. This I feel would go a long way to my breathing problems, especially with air left in my body. This is something that I don’t know why I have started to do this, but it could be an explanation.

I am training 5 times a week for about 30 – 45 mins each time. What I have learned from this forum, is that TI takes time – and I realise that it will not happen overnight. I know it is a process, and if I can take one thing from each session, at least it will be something to bank in “muscle memory” – that is what I am looking for.

One thing that I am from your replies is that I must relax my body. If I am tense then the whole stroke is affected – especially my breathing.

I am going to continue down the road of TI – reading the advice on this forum is a great source of inspiration.

Back to the bowl tonight for the breathing drills !!!!!!

Thanks again.
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