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Like you, I have endured many frustrating times at the pool and often left thinking that possibly swimming is not for me. But quitting isn't my nature and after reading a reply like Terry;'s to your question the incentive to get back and try again is really strong. I know that I've been doing something too rushed or too exaggerated; and the desired effect will come with patient practice. From the start of my efforts to learn to swim this forum has stressed the importance of being relaxed. But not having any swimming skills it has been difficult to be relaxed in an unfamiliar environment where the lack of skill to breath brings on the tension which defeats most of the efforts to learn to swim. Yet another circular pattern of cause and effect. What I read in Terry's reply is the TI philosophy of building a little bit at a time on what has been learned before hand. As I said, I tend to rush things and this likely is one aspect that slows my progress.

Attempts at the Superman Glide and Flutter have really helped and now I am relaxed enough to get 1/2 a pool length, with a really light kick, before I need air. Not a great accomplishment but still an improvement over the past. We have to set reasonable goals for ourselves so as not to become frustrated; and then be happy with attaining something less than the goal. Looking back at my ability when I started also helps, because I now see lots of ability where there was once none.


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