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Default What comes first.. Drills or breathing ?

I would just like to pose this question to all those who practice TI …..

What comes first; the drills or breathing….????

For those who read this post will have to forgive me because I need to get my frustration out !!! I have been doing TI now for 3 months. I have read the book, watched the DVD and O2 in H20. Prior to doing TI, I could swim freestyle for about 6 – 8 lengths non stop, my style was not good or my breathing, but I could do it.

Now I cant even do 1 length without feeling out of breath. Once I started the drills, I felt OK (up to underswitch/spearswitch), but now because of my breathing (I think…!) the drills are suffering. On underswitch I can’t seem to come up for air, presumably due to my balance not being right, but I cant hold on for air much longer and feel the need to rush up for air. The problem is that a few weeks ago my balance felt ok and I could do 2 underswitches.

I come out of the pool with the feeling of being "bloated" and having too much air my stomach.

I am practicing the “bowl” exercise for breathing, but when I get in the pool it is so different.

I know that there is a “thread” for breathing, but I feel as my situation crosses this thread also, due to the fact that my drills are suffering. Yesterday I came out of the pool and wanted to stop swimming altogether. Today was just as bad.

I feel as though the breathing issue is having a bad effect on my drills, which leads to frustration and the feeling as though nothing is working.

Your thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated… or just ignore this as it is me just letting off some steam !!!!!!

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