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This is what I did today:

1.6 12+, 12+
1.7 11+, 11+
1.8 11, 11
1.9 11, 11
2.0 10, 10
1.9 10+, 10+
1.8 11, 11
1.7 11, 11
1.6 11, 11
1.5 12, 12

I then continued with
1.4 12+, 12+
1.3 13, 13
1.2 13, 13
1.1 14, 14
1.0 14, 14
1.0 15, 15 (was a little bit out of focus)
1.0 14, 14

When reading some posts after my swimming I realized that I missed the three beep push off. I just pushed off as normal, so the length of it is constant through the whole set. I don't know how the three beeps would have changed the counts. I'll try that the next time.

Before I did this set I swam my usual warm up consisting of
100m free + 100m back + 100m breast + 100m free = 400m (the first 100m should be butterfly, but deltoid muscle pain in my left arm prevent me from doing butterfly for about a year. I also feel it when I try to do early vertical forearm drills with a rubber band)
4 x [(14m 2*superman glide + 36m spear) + (14m 2*superman glide + 36m swing) + (14m 2*superman glide + 36m whole stroke)]
(the two superman glide varies between 13m and 15m)
= 4 x 3 x 50m = 600m

This is where I did the above set.

Then I put the TempoTrainer to 1.3 and swam with focus points on reaching far and the rotation
100m 13 - 14
200m 13 - 15
300m 13 - 16
200m 13 - 15
100m 13 - 15
As you can see I was not able to hold the number of strokes. In this series and also in the previous one I pushed (or was it pull?) rather hard and got rather fatigue, thus a higher stroke count on the last lengths. Am I pushing to hard?

I then swam down 300m easy without TempoTrainer, it was something 1.3, 1.4 but with effortless push. Swimming like this I felt I could go on forever. This make me think wether my goal should be to swim hard and try to get fast or if I should just relax and swim effortless and enjoy each stroke regardless of speed. The fighting spirit in me tells me to go for speed...

When writing this, I just remembered another thread where CoachErikD wrote
Originally Posted by CoachEricD View Post
... you can swim with the intention to spear forward or you can swim with the intention to pull forward. Something happens when you think about the recovery arm slicing forward and dragging your body with it that makes the speed much easier. I do not understand the physics of it. But I am getting used to seeing things that make no sense to me. I just know it works.
and this was also second by CoachSuzanne.

I will certainly try this as a focal point next time in the pool.

-- Johnny
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