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Originally Posted by pinguin View Post
My problem seems to be that I can't "use" the knowhow of gliding when trying to swim faster. Seems I end up in a kind of struggle when I try to use the high elbow more effectively, try to grab the water,...
For me, this exercise taught me that I didn't have to think so hard about high elbows or try to grab the water. As I slowed down and focused on hitting the beeps, my muscles automatically adjusted and I became more efficient. Then, when I started picking up the pace, that streamlined, efficient feeling was still fresh in my "muscle memory" and it carried into the faster tempo.

At this point, I am not really concerned with going faster, but if I were I guess the first thing I would do is find ways to reduce my drag, rather than generating more propulsive power. My stroke length would go up and then it would be a matter of math and playing with tempo to find the pace I could maintain.

I swam about 30 min. today, and just wasn't feeling it. So I did the exercise again and it worked like a charm. Single lengths this time:

1.6 16 strokes
1.7 15
1.8 14
1.9 13
2.0 13
1.9 13
1.8 14
1.7 14
1.6 15
1.5 15

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