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Default What's your strategy for off days?

My instinct when I'm having an off day is to slow down and take it easy. But lately, I've found that I feel better if I step up the tempo a bit rather than slow it down.

Here in Arizona, the pool temperatures are in the 90s (>32c) right now. Also, I'm either swimming really early (before breakfast) or in the heat of the day (110-115f, 43-46c). That can make me feel pretty sluggish.

When I slow down, I have more time to dwell on that low-energy feeling. Speeding up the tempo feels energizing. Also, it's much harder to hit the low end of my SPL range on an off day. When I speed up, I allow myself another stroke or two, so it's easier to hit my target.

I'm curious about what has worked for others.
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