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Originally Posted by haschu33 View Post
But from the videos I watched, I know how it feels to swim a nice and easy freestyle stroke.
Is that like synesthesia? Vision being experienced as sensation?

What you /think/ you should feel and what you will actually feel are usually different. Experience would make your expectation closer to reality, but you are still relying on your imagination. It's still useful though.

There is a very brief moment in time in which you truly sense your body in the environment without the interference of thoughts, expectations, or judgements. For example, the moment you instinctively pull your hand away from a hot object. If you had to watch a video, imagine the sensation, find a hot object to test what you imagined, take the time to decide what you are feeling, then decide to pull your hand away, your hand would be quite unhappy by then. hehe Nevermind that the object was actually ice cold.
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