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Default New Zealand TI

Hi there

I am learning to swim using TI in Auckland. Although I haven't found a TI coach most of the coaches are very familiar with TI. Haydn Wooley of Future Dreams runs the Ocean clinics and is excellent and lately I have been to the Olympic Squads In Newmarket and the coaches are very supportive of TI techniques. I find using videos and books and having others around me who understand TI is working and my swimming is really improving.
It would be great to have some TI specific coaching and I think the closest is in Australia. Clarie Owen from SwimLab in sydney has been very helpful and offered to come to do a workshop in New Zealand if there are enough in the group. Hope this helps. If you hear of any coaches or workshops would be great to hear from you. I swim with a group of friends at Parnell Pool in summer and Newmarket Olympic in winter. Let us know if you come to Auckland. We are all ages and it is fun.

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