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Originally Posted by Janos View Post
New York Times recently ran an article about yoga, titled 'how yoga can wreck your body'. It is intriguing how it divides opinion. Some doctors actively recommend it, while others say it creates flaccid ligaments which damage the integrity of joints. An opinion I agree with. Far better to have active flexibility for the sport you intend to do.

I read this article a month ago and this is why I feel particularly passionate as of the moment regarding fundamental issues in yoga......this was an article that had the yoga community in an uproar and it does seem that it's the type of information the yoga community would never choose to reveal even if proven true.....
I'm reading a couple of books about Bikram right now....He's probably the Yogi who is most at the center of this piece. He was the one who created the hot style of yoga...His practitioners are the ones who tend to win the yoga competitions......and there is a push by Bikram and some others in the Yoga Community to get Yoga into the Olympic Games!!!!!
This not only seems sort of antithetical to the spirit of yoga, it seems dangerous....not everyone was designed to contort their back backwards into a pretzel shape.

If I come across interesting discoveries in these two books, I'll post them....The two books are good contrasts....One is by Bikram and it outlines his program, personality, and philosophy....The other is by Benjamin Lorr and talks about the egos, politics, controversy's, etc.
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