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Originally Posted by erlend View Post
Maybe 10 years ago, I found an article on the internet which revolutionised my swimming. I remember how it said that swimming was like lying in a river. It was best not moving at all because that would cause drag! It continued describing how I should imagine a steel T going from my neck and shoulders back down my body to keep flat in the water. It also said that the leg kick was accounting for as little as 10% of the propulsion, so it was better to just keep the legs still. It also talked about taking as few strokes as possible and trying to swim with fists closed to see the enormous difference you would feel when opening them.

The closest I can find to this article is the Total immersion book by Terry Laughlin, which I've bought.

But, I can't get the article I describe above out of my head, and have tried to find it on the internet again without luck.

If anybody could help me find the article I would be much grateful!


Erlend (Norway)
I like the idea of lying in a river. I used to do a lot of that in my kayaking days, both in and out of the kayak.
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