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Hi Terry

Iyengar also teaches sun salutations ;)

No, Iyengar is not staying in the poses for 5 or 10 breaths... but I guess this is not the place for it :)

But I do feel that when beginning a yoga practice, you should have that approach - SMART.

It takes a few years of personal practice - how many its impossible to say, its subjective - to move past the "gross" dimension of yoga. Now, moving past it is a "jump" that should happen at some point, but at the beginning I believe the most effective approach is one like yours. It creates discipline, educates the body and the mind.

Hey Caronis, I also wish for a more thoughtful approach to yoga by everyone, but you can't jump steps :) If Terry is now only starting a regular personal practice, then he is where he is. He can't know more than what his experience allows him to know. If in, let's say, 3 or 4 years of regular personal practice, NO transformation has taken place, then maybe he should change the approach.

Now what really is sad is that the word "yoga" as became so "relative" that people think they know what it is, even without any experience on it. Anyone can call himself a yoga teacher, and students don't seem to be to interested in really inform themselves, or study, to see if the "idea" of yoga they're being "sold" is legit.
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