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Originally Posted by Jellybean View Post
Hi Bob

It's nice to read something about pool meets and the other strokes. I've tried a few pool competitions, but have never really got into them. However, your approach to planning which events to swim through the season would work well for me. Typically, here the entry fee allows up to six events so there's a real temptation to swim as many as you can to get your money's worth - clearly a mistake.

Having a goal for the other strokes would be good for me. You've got me thinking, now...

Nearly all of the meets in my area charge an entry fee and an additional fee (typically $5) for each event entered. It's also common for them to place a limit on the total number of events you're permitted to enter (in this meet, for example, the maximum number of events permitted was 4).

I've never really understood why pool meets aren't more popular among adult swimmers. Unlike open water events, pool meets can be done at any time of the year, either indoors or outdoors, and the variety of strokes and distances makes them, in my opinion, more interesting, and should make them a possibility for a wider ranger of swimmers.

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