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Default need advice for breathing troubles AFTER my swim

i have started back swimming after being gone for a few years. within a week, an old problem has reared its head.

after a swim i feel a pressure on my chest and the need to take deep breaths. i yawn. for many years i thought this was due to lactic acid--that maybe i was swimming more anaerobically instead of aerobically. listening to my body, it didn't seem that way during the swim though. i thought maybe i was overtraining, but i don't know. i don't monitor my pulse in or out of the pool. i don't want to be distracted from thinking about my swim.

then i realized that i didn't have this problem when i ran (as a novice) or when i biked. this made me think that it has to do with my breathing. there have been long stretches of time that i was very satisfied with my breathing. it felt so natural--as though i could get my oxygen from the water. but then there were long times with the pressure and feeling that i needed to breathe more after a swim. this can go on for days. i asked about my problem on this forum many years ago but didn't get any responses that i was able to apply for a change.

what do you think is causing my problem? i don't think this has to do with my heart: i have had a couple of stress ekgs in the last 6 months.

also: do you have any suggestions for getting rid of this feeling once i have gotten it? it is very unpleasant.

do any of you walk after your swims? i wonder whether this would help.
i look forward to your diagnoses and suggestions.

i should have said earlier that i swim freestyle. i'm interested in long, slow distance. i tried masters swimming 1500m for a while but wasn't interested in competition. i wanted the trance state i sometimes got in when i didn't know where i was or who i was.

when i started back last week, i brought my finis snorkel for relaxation, balance and kicking drills. the snorkel still leaks, so i was having to blast the water out of it every lap. maybe that helped bring back my problem....

oh, i own 2 copies of "the science of swimming," but i own some of terry's books and videos too

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