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Loping is really long slower stride. Although Katie's SL is in an excellent range, her rate of turnover at 96 spm for 200m and 86 spm for 1500, nothing loping about that. There is asymmetry in her breathing, lifting the head higher than on her non breathing strokes. Like Werner noted, maybe she needs this asymmetry to breathe swimming at the those speeds, wave drag and its characteristics are much different at Katie's speed than ours. But I'm curious, what would happen if she kept her head low when breathing, what impact it would have on her stroke length. But something tells me, Katie and her coach have already experimented, high and low breathing positions - and the high position is working for her. What is also amazing to see on Katie's breathing stroke is she has a full tank of air *before* her recovery hand/arm has exited the water - maybe this is the reason for the extra lift to get the air she needs a bit earlier to maintain her pace.

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