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Default hello ron, just read your post from 2009.

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Seven years ago I took up swimming because my knees are shot. I`m a 57 year old male who has been swimming 3 times a week for 7 years. In May, I attended a TI workshop in Coronado California and have been slowly getting "it" together. I have been in a masters program, as well as a member of the La Jolla Swim Club. I love open water swimming. My longest ow swim has been 5 miles. I`ve done Alcatraz and every one mile Ocean swim event in California that I can find. Swimming around every pier on the coast is a goal. Over the past year I have been experiencing pain in my left shoulder. Two weeks ago I had rotator cuff surgery. The doc. placed an insert into the humerous and re-attached everything. It was not a complete tear,.but pretty bad. I`ll be wearing a sling for 3 months. Tomorrow I begin therapy.

I`ve been back in the pool,.with a sling and strap that keeps my left arm against my core, and I have been mainly kicking from one and to the other,..wearing a snorkel. Now, knees are sore.

What should I be doing in the pool at this time??? I was just getting the knack of the 2 beat kick and core rotation,..things were beginning to click. August 2 I did a 5 mile ow swim and came in last,..but was fresh,..had lots of energy left...but was slow due to limited shoulder movement.

Thanks for listening..

RonLockman....%%%%%%% ><>
Did your arm improve eventually back at the level before your op. I am yr age now 66yrs and an ocean swimmer. I'm one week post op on rotacuff, large tear. I'm in a sling for 6 weeks, and its summer here (nz - and concerned already if I will ever swim long distance ocean events again. can you give me a few tips on how and what to do and what not to do too soon. I know it won't be for another couple of months, but just curious how to manage.
Looking forward to some tips, Kiwi Anne
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