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Default Flying Along!

Coach Dave, you do me great honor and over estimate my abilities greatly when you put me into Vicki's league, but I do aspire in that direction! She is truly magnificent!

I've relaxed into doing 12 stroke fly per 25 yds at about 66 sec per 50 yd lap. When I decide to sprint, I'm topping out at 36 seconds for a lap so far and hoping to see that go lower as I improve. Doing a mile non-stop is no longer any effort at all, but a gentle warm up.

I put my new fly skills to the test during the first week of August when I went to Rodney Scout Reservation in North East, MD with my younger son. 5 years ago I'd never passed the swim test. 4 years ago (before TI) I passed "swimmer" for the first time in my life with a granny side stroke. 3 years ago (still before TI) I completed a mile swim, but it was with huge difficulty and pain. I missed camp the next year, but last year using TI skills I completed 2 freestyle miles and had time left that I could have done a third in the 2 hour time allowed. This year they went open water in the Chesapeake Bay for the mile, and I completed it in a relaxed fly and at the end I felt warmed up, loose and relaxed and ready to keep on for as long as they'd let me (even though I was covered in seaweed, had fish slaps on my chest and couldn't see more than about 6 inches in the green water.) It was the first open water swims at that camp in 20 years, and the first time they'd ever recorded any mile swim test done in Butterfly.

There aren't too many "fresh" fresh water swims near me, so my options are limited. I'm looking for some, and have offered to do the swim portion of a relay tri team with a friend of mine and his wife. I just hate to swim in water I'd hesitate to rinse my mouth with...
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