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[quote=Suddethb;10558]I'm doing 50/50 during practice now. One 25 yd length free (avg 13 strokes at 28 sec.) and then one length fly (avg 7 strokes at 25 sec.) Keep it up for 2 miles (about an hour.) I had been doing 1 lap free (47), one length slow fly (38) and one length moderate fly (32), but I've been able to pick up the pace a bit.

Good for you. That is impressive.
I have been building up to racing the 200 Fly LCM. A couple of weeks ago I did 80 x25m of easy fly with about 10 sec rest. That is the most I have ever done.
Since then I have been doing 4x50 and 2x100 sets with just 5 seconds rest between 50's or 100's.
Have done some complete 200's and they are getting smoother and less of a blood bath. This has been a long journey to get this far and has been alot of fun.
One fallout is that my 50 sprint speed has fallen off as I have not been doing any higher turnover work. A change of priorities
Fly on folks.
May we swim with ease at the speeds we choose.
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