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Default Set ideas for a LONG outdoor pool

Be happy for me - the Brentanobad in Frankfurt is now open. It's 200m long with a swimmable length of 125m. And until the water starts to warm up in July it's not going to be busy either, so it's a great place to train.

I'm looking for inspiration from you set experts there. With the following goals what sets would you guys recommend? My training pace SCM is 7'50 per 500m, 10 seconds rest between 500m.... seems to get my fitness up withough making me lose too much form through exhaustion.

Anyway, here are the goals for 2011:

-Increase stroke rate slightly without losing form

-Swim 1500m in this pool in 23mins, or even 22'30 if I'm feeling optimistic

-Move my technique towards a Keri-Anne Payne style of pull (nothing wrong with aiming high!), so a moderately EVF but not Thorpe/Hackett extreme

-Continue improving my backstroke (I've completely changed the stroke in 2011 so my underwater hand/forearm/elbow stays closer to the surface, rather than windmilling underwater with a straight arm)

I think I need to be more disciplined with drilling, and not just launch into sets of 500m after a few balance drills - it's just I'm enjoying TI freestyle so much I can't wait to get started with my full stroke when I'm training. Maybe I just need some new drills to keep my (limited) attention, or drills that are closer to the full stroke so I get that addictive gliding feel.
All ideas very much appreciated.
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