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Hello Naji,

will try to answer your questions. The answers are highly individual/personal, so hopefully they are what you hoped to get...

1. Are you happy with your chose to become a TI coach?
Only a clear YES is possible. I was a teacher (an engineer before) nearly my whole working life, and loved it. Becoming a TI-Coach was targeted to my retirement, to have to teach a very worthy thing afterward. The difference teaching TI against maths and physics often is, my TI-students really want to learn swimming (better)... And as a teacher my pupils and students were aged from ten up to the early twenties. Now my youngest stundent is 10years and my oldest 81years. Simply great!

2. What did you find the most challenging about becoming a coach?
Most challenging for me still is to get my impatience with myself (only) into a Kaizen way of improvement...

3. Are there other coaches that work with marginalized groups and what has been your success and or frustration?
No special experience with this and with groups in general. My coach-lessons are mostly individual oriented in the TI-way to step in direction to the individual goals, sometimes a married couple, which is a bit difficult, because the women is always some steps ahead... and her husband doesn't like it so much...

4. Am I crazy to ask these sorts of questions and and have the desire to become a TI coach?
No! What does you make to think this way? Last but not least you have to set your own goals and deal with your hopes.

I still feel as a continueing TI-Student, like to participate in TI-workshops and TI-weeks as a hybrid TI-Student-Coach. What I like most: Really all students and (master-)coaches I met around TI are so sympathic that only this is worth to deal with TI more deeply. And having met Terry in person was a very happy coincidence in my life.

Similar to liolio I've to say, here in Hamburg its nearly impossible to coach TI regularly :-( Here is a company owning all public pools. They don't have any interest in TI but pushing their own coaches and courses. They do not give a chance to rent a lane or a half one one. And sometimes the lifeguards become nearly impolite when I'm in the water with a student, because they appeal to the pool-rules that foreign coaching is strictly forbidden. (We then tell them the coaching is just matter of friendship..) Also strictly forbidden in all pools is taking a video, so an important part of TI-Coaching is cut off :-(

And if you'll find a way to coach TI regularly, have in mind: Its not the preferred way to become rich with money, but...

Hope becoming a TI-Coach will be the right, satisfying and joyful way for you.

Best regards,

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