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Originally Posted by novaswimmer View Post
Do others have an easy time with this drill? Fooboo, can you do this??
At the moment I'm not able to youtube.
For sure, you could be horizontal. Imagine that you are tired.
You came to the bed. "My dear pillow, here I am!" Let your head
lean on the water, not doing a thing. Just let the water hold it.
If not enough, put your weight on the thorso. Lean on. When on
the side, lean on armpit. Don't do anything to move hips or legs
up. Once you find the correct position, you'll see how even lead
arm becomes "weightless".
First time you find a balance, you'd know.
I solved my position correcting head to straight down. It ruined
the way I breathe. I'm sure about balance, since I don't need to
kick. Have to remind myself "kick now on rotation!" Previously
I breathed on 3rd, now on 5th. Cannot say how deep I am, but
not too deep.
Some other posters might help you better.
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