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Originally Posted by Mike from NS View Post
Hi there Caronis !
But needless to say, the ENT is the best path to follow for any resolution. I hope it goes well for you ... let us know please. I've pretty well ruled out my problems due swimming. I did try ear drops but stopped that quickly due to a burning sensation and I don't use earplugs while swimming.
I did end up having swimmer's ear. The ENT cleared up the canal and gave me antibiotic drops to use for 10 days...I see him at the end of the month for a follow-up check.

I haven't been exercising or swimming since and am anxiously awaiting the okay to go back in the water. It's been difficult to not be swimming because I get unbalanced without it.

I am surprised that you don't use ear plugs...How necessary is it for me to use them? Do they really prevent swimmer's ear??

I am still shocked that swimmer's ear could last so long. I always thought it was temporary. Anyone else experience many problems with swimmer's ear???
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