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I question whether swimming alone can provide the human body with the required stress that facilitates optimal bone and muscle health, especially as we age. From my studies and research as a personal trainer, I believe that regular weight bearing exercises are one of the keys to healthy bones and muscles (sound diet and aerobic capacity being two others). How you incorporate this into your life and what type of exercises you do are important, as doing it incorrectly can lead to injury and diminished health. Quote by CoachToby

Hi Toby. Do you feel that exercises using only ones own body weight as resistance is sufficient or is using weights better?
From my own experience I have found what you mentioned about staying active to be very true. We live on about ten acres of land three of which are cleared and have established many different beds of shrubs, flowers and small trees. Also raised beds for garden veggies. The remaining acres are treed with alder, fir and hemlock. Attending these keeps me out of trouble and also works the body pretty good.
For the last month I have taken a break from "working the land" and that has resulted in the bathroom scale reading five pounds higher. Time to put on the old boots.
May we swim with ease at the speeds we choose.

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