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Hi Andy

Since taking up swimming seriously in 2006 and discovering TI I have lost more than 28 pounds, most of which is probably fat, I suppose. I haven't got exact figures because I forgot what I weighed before the momentous discovery.

I am now a few pounds lighter than I was two years ago and am trying to steadily reduce a pound or so at a time by eating mainly healthy food but not embarking on any agressive dieting.

In the 'sixties I lost a lot of weight on a diet that claimed to be a Mayo Clinic diet but actually wasn't endorsed by the Mayo Clinic I gather. If tyou search for Mayo Clinic diet on line you will find a description of it, basically a high protein low carbohydrate diet. I can tell you that it does or did work, but I soon regained all the weight I had lost so I guess a lot of the weight lost was water but I did feel very good on it and it was relatively easy to follow if you lived alone but eating with friends or in my case my then first wife's family was disastrous. The plan I'm on now is relatively easy to follow because nothing is actually forbidden although some foods should be avoided if possible.

My idea is that if I lose two pounds every month by the end of the year I will be close to my ideal weight - still a little above probably, but the situation can reviewed if the plan is successful.

I have a weighing scale that purports to tell me my body composition but I don't have much faith in it. I can tell just by grabbing the spare tyre that there is fat to be lost without doubt. In one of my swimming books there is a method of determining your body composition by measuring your neck, wrist and waist I think and also height and weight. Using that method I got a slighter more cheerful reading than my scales gave me.

The fact that there are several body weight exercises that I used to be able to do when I was younger and can't do now tells me that I have lost some strength.

Nevertheless, I feel that I ought to be able to swim as fast as a 91-year old woman from California, even if she was a hot swimmer in her youth. Just now she would beat me hollow in virtually all freestyle events. Oh ignominy! ;-)
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