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Default Swimming that Changes Lives - new TI Book

I've begun work on what will be my main project for the summer, a new 'baseline' TI book to replace the well-thumbed and well-known 'blue-and-yellow' book that was published in 1996 and updated in 2001. This book has been exceedingly important to the progression of TI from a series of small clinics with 4 to 6 attendees to a method to a global movement to a philosophy.

I believe this book will be the most important and impactful work of my almost 40 years in coaching. I am writing it with the explicit intention of seeing it achieve 'landmark' status, not just in swimming but in the far wider field of healthful, mindful aging. I will post previews of a large volume on the material in the book on my Swim Well Blog. I invite all of you to follow it closely. My main motivation in posting it is to receive feedback that I know will make the final book far better. You'll find the first installment here.
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