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Originally Posted by AWP View Post
Look like Jane

Try the following:

1. Stand up straight and tall with your heels close together, but not touching, and your toes turned out slightly.
2. Pull your navel toward your spine, try to knit your lower ribs together and see how long you can make the back of your neck. You have now assembled a good portion of the “tight-line” posture needed for effective swimming.
3. Holding that tight line, lean a bit forward from your ankles without bending at your waist (as if leaning into the wind). Note that as your weight shifts to the balls of your feet your tight line is immediately extended all the way to your feet – you are, as swim/Pilates guru Michelle Haver says, “from head to heel like steel”.
i understand the marked posture as being the pilates' imprinted spine posture with the usual abs pull in as described here

am i right?

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