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Originally Posted by ScoopUK View Post
That's interesting. Maybe it's the fit? Bizarrely you aren't allowed to dive at my pool but I do race starts off a pontoon at the lake wearing Vistas and they've been okay. I do make sure the strap is under my swim cap though. I have had problems with goggles leaking as they come loose doing aggressive flip turns or dives if I have the strap outside the swim cap. Generally goggles are more stable though. Maybe it's because of the drag? The top of the frame grabs the water more than a sleak pair of goggles I'd imagine.

I must try swedes. I like simplicity and they aren't expensive so certainly worth experimenting.
It's surprising the amount of force a not clean entry off the blocks can put on the face. I despise caps way too hot, but even at that my goggles stay on. I can see how a larger mask like that could get yanked off with a less than optimal position.
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